A Magickal Apprenticeship: Talisman Jewellery

with Cheralyn Darcey

Would you like to create beautiful magickal jewellery

for yourself and those you love? 

Perhaps you might like to start your own magickal business
creating and selling to others?

Two limited number intakes only in 2018: January & August
to ensure maximum teacher support
Bookings open now for 22nd January Intake

Course Content

all yours to keep forever
*8 module course beginning with talisman and magickal jewellery history and tradition, setting up a magickal workplace, symbology and correspondences and then shares extensive techniques to choose from including resin casting, various clay methods, altered art, beading etc.
*over 40 step-by-step videos, PDF instruction sheets and templates
*weekly chat sessions with Cheralyn
*lifetime forum access 

Course Requirements

Suitable for adults of any experience level.
Materials will depend on techniques chosen out of the many taught but are easily available and of low to moderate cost with a emphasis on recycled and everyday items.

Blessing Beads Tutorial

This Blessing Beads tutorial gift to you is just one of my techniques and the way I share my magickal creativity in this extensive online course. Full notes and downloadable PDF materials lists and instructions are included for all of the twenty-two techniques I share with you to make beautiful, powerful talisman jewellery.  


There is real magick in Art & Design, in emulating the patterns of nature, the laws of geometry and in creating a thing of beauty.
I teach you to bring these elements into your Talismans and I've been so happy to hear how past students have then used these new skills and insights in other areas of their lives


I will share with you loads of ways to use everday objects and elements to create art materials. I will teach you resin techniques, basic metal smithing, power and hand tools, air-dry and home baked clays, lots of basic beading and jewellery making techniques, painting metals, combining textiles


Are you not very creative but long to be?
Maybe you are looking for a
place to find new inspirations. 

My speciality is teaching all levels, from inspiring those with real creativity fear through to helping others find new inspiration, unblock stagnation 

and build new skills. 


You will learn how to create a dedicated and energetically safe workspace of magick through personal rituals that are presented in ways that suit any path or belief. Traditional practice and example are discussed and demonstrated. 


All students have lifetime access to an online forum. Here you can share your creations, ask Cheralyn questions, find help and insider supply tips, tricks and places! 

A Magickal Apprenticeship: Talisman Jewellery


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Testimonials for this Course

I am writing to say thank you for the wonderful Creating Talisman workshop you are running. I am enjoying this workshop very much and look forward to receiving each new lesson. I am only a beginner and not overly creative and have been wanting to awaken that side of myself. Your workshop format suites me perfectly it has been set up professionally with detailed notes, videos and online sharing and there is something here for everyone from beginners to those more experienced. You make the process seem fun and easy, yet I feel challenged and inspired to start creating! A whole new world has opened up for me, I find wherever I go I am looking for treasures that I can use in my creations! Although I am studying at home via the online format, I feel like I am able to make a personal connection with you through the videos and the online sharing. It's been great to see what the other participants are doing too. You are very generous with your time, enthusiasm and creative ideas. And I like that I can use these ideas to enhance my life on a personal and professional level. Cheralyn, I have appreciated your ethical and spiritual approach to the creation process as this is very important to me. I love the Creating Talismans workshop and highly recommend it others.

 Blessings & Gratitude,

Cheryle xxx (Australia)

I really thought I would just look at this course for entertainment because I met you in person at a tarot workshop and thought it would be interesting but I made things. Me! I can't draw a straight line or make anything but I have two beautiful talismans now. You have a real gift Cheralyn and I love you for sharing it with us. 

Samantha (Australia) 

All this information at such a great price?  I love your work and energy plus your videos make my day. You are so enthusiastic and loving it just jumps off the computer. 

Gail (New Zealand)

I just wanted to tell you how much I am enjoying the course already. I would never do something like this on my own but I feel like I am part of a group (which I am!) and that support and group energy really helps a lot! And you have formatted it perfectly! I would finish reading something and maybe have a question or two about how to do it, but then find a video explaining it exactly!! I love it so much! It is allowing me to really BE creative in ways I have been scared to be creative in before. But I feel bad that I am paying so little for SO much!

Rory (Australia)