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with deck author and artist

Cheralyn Darcey
self published:
Australian Wildflower Oracle, 2013; Flowers of the Night Oracle, 2016
traditional published:
Australian Wildflower Reading Cards, 2014; Flower Reading Cards, 2015; Flower Petals Affirmation Cards, 2017; Flowers of the Night Oracle, 2017
traditionally published books: Flowerpaedia, 1,000 flowers and their meanings, 2017; Florasphere Calm, 2015; Florasphere Inspired, 2015

*Would you like to see your deck dreams become a reality in 2018?
*Have you completed a deck and now wish to print/publish/submit it to a publisher?
*Are you looking to collaborate with a deck author or artist?
*Would you like to know how to develop a career around your deck creations?

Two limited number intakes per year (January & July)
Booking open now for January 2018
Begins 8th January 2018 (lifetime access)

Cheralyn shares everything you need to know to create your deck ~ oracle, tarot, affirmation,
in fact any type of deck from developing your ideas, finding your direction, writing guidebooks, creating art or collaborating with artists, through to all forms of publishing and printing options.
Because she has done it all herself and knows the pitfalls and the insider secrets to success, she also knows there is no 'one-size-fits-all' solution. All are presented in this extensive course and all are discussed daily in your private classroom forum.

*your course is self-paced, you can take as long as you wish

*lessons always available at any time

*full interactive tuition and guidance with Cheralyn through forum

*videos, audios, extensive notes, worksheets,

*lifetime access to the private class forum


- Ideas! 

Where to find your own, develop the ones you have and turn them into decks.

- How to Get Sorted. 

The organisational skills you need to get you on track and keep you there. 

- How to Create Magickal Work Spaces. 

From kitchen tables, to portable studios, to entire rooms, no matter where you work, creating a deck is very special work. So let's create a protected and dedicated magickal space to grow your deck. 

​- The Bones.

How to lay down your deck structure, find keywords for oracle, affirmation and other decks and how to work within the structure and tradition of tarot. 

​- Visual Anthologies, Making Your Deck Art.

How to create your art, how to collaborate with artists and how to get your art print-ready. 

PLUS Cheralyn is an Art Teacher so she has included bonus art lessons and stacks of ideas and resources to get those creative juices flowing. She is also happy to offer constructive art support and resource ideas and support for any skill level. 

- Guidebooks to take us there. 

How to write, when to write and the elements you should, could and might include to make it all come together so your cards and guidebook become the magickal tool which will become your deck!

-The Fine-print.

​copywrite, contracts, collaborations, it's all covered in your course and discussed at length in our forum so you and your work stay safe and you fully understand how to respectfully and legally create your deck when using the work or inspiration of others. 

- Sharing it with the World ~ Publishing.

selfpublish, assist-publish or traditional publish, we cover every option and discuss which will suit your project. 

- Fund Raising

should you decide to go it alone or seek assisted publishing, you might like to look at crowd-funding. I've run a successful Kickstarter campaign to launch my FLOWERS OF THE NIGHT self-published Oracle and know all the pitfalls as well as the tips to run yours. There are also a lot of additional ongoing benefits to Kickstarter that may surprise you!

- Marketing
How to tell the world about your deck. Social media and website advice and ideas, launch tips and structure, festivals, fairs, groups, talks and workshops. All the things that will support your deck getting out into the world.

- What's Next?
Your deck is a part of being a creator. Are there other publication or product types that may compliment your first deck? When and what should your next deck be? How to decide on what to do next.


"Do you share printers and supply information?"

YES! Plus there is a forum which has over 5 years of content you can access. I've also recently self-published and traditionally published again (2017) so have lots of current information. 

"Are my ideas safe in the class?"

​You do not have to share your work in the forum, some do, others participate but don't share and that's ok with everyone. Some students do share their work privately with me and I've kept deck secrets and honoured the ownership of concepts for years. 

"Can I ask Cheralyn questions directly?"

Yes you can. She can get very busy at times, but students a priority. 

"Can you help me submit to publishers?"
There is a huge section in your course that assists you with manuscript submission but I do help with individual submissions as part of this course as well.  

These are just a small sample of the  decks that have been successfully

published from this course:

Dreamtime Reading Cards, Laura Bowen

self published and then Rockpool Publishing

"Your online course was so helpful on my journey! I will be published through USGamesSystems"  
White Sage Tarot, Theresa Hutch 

self-published and then US Games Systems

She provides a wealth of information not only on creating but also on publishing your deck. She also provides ongoing support. I would recommend this course to any aspiring card deck creator.
Fragrant Change Healing Cards, Carole Hodges



Create & Publish Your Deck


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