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Oracle: The Initiate

Part One of Become a

Certified Oracle Card Reader

with Lucy Cavendish

Whether you wish to evolve your personal readings, or whether your goal is to develop into a professional reader, Oracle: The Initiate will give you the skills

 you need to read with my Oracle cards.

Create & Publish Your Own Deck

with Cheralyn Darcey

Celebrating 5 years of helping people make their deck dreams a reality, Create & Publish Your Deck' online course, provides extensive insider information and full support with all forms of publishing, creation, printing and marketing of tarot, oracle 

and affirmation decks. 

Now with full Kickstarter Guide.

Flower Reading

Florasphere Flower Reading Certification with Cheralyn Darcey

coming soon 

Oracle: The Adept

Part Two of Become a

Certified Oracle Card Reader

with Lucy Cavendish

Initiates, you are growing and learning, 

day after day.

Yet there is always more to discover. Welcome to the path of the Adept.

A Magickal Apprenticeship: Talisman Jewellery

with Cheralyn Darcey

Do you wish to create Talismans and wearable empowered magickal tools? 

Created and aligned with your energy and with a deeper and greater understanding of magickal symbology and power, these wearable art pieces will offer protection, inspiration and guidance.